My Research Portfolio


Research Experience

Land Cover Attributes-based Image Geo-location

Mentored by James Hays, Department of Computer Science, Brown University, Summer 2012. [Progress Report, Sep 2012]

Text Detection and Removal in Video CAPTCHA

Senior project, mentored by Richard Zanibbi, Document and Pattern Recognition Lab (DPRL), RIT, Summer 2012. [Slides][Proposal]

Programmable, Adaptive Aperture Imaging with a LCD Modulator

Mentored by Jinwei Gu, supported by RIT Honors Program, Munsell Color Science Lab (MCSL), RIT, Summer 2011. [Proposal][Website][Video]

A Dual-side Viewable Display System Design

PI, $2,000 grant awarded by Kodak-CIS Innovative fund, with Hao Shi, mentored by Carl Salvaggio, Center for Imaging Science (CIS), RIT, Feb - Nov 2011 [Proposal]

Selected Class Projects

Foveon X3 Detector: Real goodies or eyecandy?

Final paper of the Detector class taught by Prof. Zoran Nikov. An in-depth investigation of the Foveon X3 detector’s original and improved design, including the operating principles, the physical limitation through calculations and the advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional Bayer-pattern sensors.

The Rhythm of the Spheres

Final project of The Music of the Spheres class taught by Prof. Joel Kastner. A three-movement suite is composed based on the orbital period of several exoplanetary systems. [MP3 music available soon]

A Fast Gaussian Blur-Resizing-Deconvolution Image Compression Method

An image compression method proposed in Prof. Carl Salvaggio’s Digital Image Processing II class, achieving an ~8:1 compression ratio at 33.52 PSNR for the greyscale Lena image.

Image Sender Android App

A simple android app that allow the user to send images and requests to a designated server for computationally expensive image processing tasks (e.g. motion deblur).

Image Convertor Utility

An image convertor utility written in IDL programming language for Prof. Carl Salvaggio’s Programming for Imaging Science class. With an easy-to-use GUI, this utility can handle image resizing, format converting, and aspect ratio adjusting.

Lytro Camera Marketing Plan

A marketing plan of the microlens array-based Lytro light field camera delivered for Prof. Raj Mruthy’s Principle of Marketing class.

iKey Inc. Business Plan

A complete business plan and promotional video for a NFC based key and payment system, developed in the Business 1-2-3 class

“RIT Places” Online Campus Directory

A database of places around RIT campus, developed using Microsoft SQL Management Studio. A user-friendly web interface for the database was written in ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio.


About me

Huaijin (George) Chen

Visiting Student, St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford

Manor Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 3UJ, UK

B.S. Honors, 13’ , Imaging Science, Management Information System

Rochester Institute of Technology

54 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, NY 14623

Email: huaijin.chen AT

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This is an HDR image taken by me at High Falls, Rochester, NY